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Hi, my name is Rod. First and foremost, thank you for landing here on my page. How you arrived here doesn't matter, but I'm very grateful you found me. My hope during your visit is that you find something that inspires you, wanting you to come back for more!

I created Positively Spreading News to inspire people to become better or to share positive world news that makes you feel good to be alive! There's too much negative press out there in the media today and not enough positive news to be shared. My goal is to change that by making a difference in the lives of many with this website by creating a positive movement to help us all.


I'm a devoted husband to my lovely wife Stacy and a father to my beautiful daughters Makayla, and Savanna. I am very blessed for my family and I love them very much! I thank the Lord above for all the blessings in my life that I am truly grateful for including this site. Below is a fun pic from this past Halloween trick or treating where Makayla was a Witch and Savanna a Kitty Cat. Good times!

Well, enough about me as I would like to know all about you and what I can do to help. Drop me a line and let me know what we can do to help make your life become more positive.


Rod Claflin
Author of Positively Spreading News


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Here's one of my favorite motivational videos of what life is all about. Enjoy!