How to win your next interview


Before your next interview, being prepared is a key component for winning the interview. I am going to share with you what it will take to win over the interviewer and what steps to take in order to hear the words, “You’re Hired!”

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1. Do your research.
There’s nothing more embarrassing than being asked “Why do you want this job?” and your answer is vague like “I’m diligent and determined to get the job done.” Spend some time understanding what the company/department is about and if possible, what their objective or goals are. A better answer could be “I understand the department is striving to reach 500 million in sales this year. With my sales experience, passion, and desire to exceed expectations, I feel certain I have what you are looking for in order to achieve this goal.”

2. Do a sit with from someone working currently in the role you’re interviewing for.
This is such an important task that many fail to do. Almost every position where I have sat with someone in the same role, I was offered the job! No joke. This is your opportunity to make a good first impression and the importance to understand what the job entails. The more people talk to you, the more they have an opportunity to get to know and like you. Sell yourself!

3. Update your resume and cover page to reflect the position applying for.
Some people have multiple skill sets where they apply for different job types which is fine. If this is you, make sure to taylor your resume and cover page to reflect the position applied for. If you are applying for sales, don’t send a cover page or resume with an interest for information technology.

4. Prepare for the interview.
Find out if possible what type of interview style you will be having. Will it be a two on one-interviewer to interviewee, or will Targeted Selection questions be asked. If so, you can find Targeted Selection questions on the web that are suited for the type of role you’re applying for. Write down questions that fit the job and that match the specific job requirements. Bullet point your answers in order to stamp your mind of what to share during the interview.
Practice with someone asking you these questions or by yourself. They key is to have an idea of what the situation or task was you experienced, your action, and what was the outcome to show how you would respond if in the role.

5. Dress the part.
This is important during the interview as well as during the sit with. You want people to have a visual of you already being in the role. For a Sales gig, you don’t want to show up in shorts and a tank top! Unless you are working at the beach applying for a Surf Board salesman.

6. Ask questions relating to the position and or team.
It’s important to ask the interviewer some questions that show you understand the role and what’s important to you. Asking them what sets a good leader apart from an average one would be a good question if applying for a leadership role. Remember, you ‘re interviewing them as much as they’re interviewing you.

7. Show how much you want the job and how this job fits your career goals.
The key to any interview is selling yourself. It can be hard for many to do this, but who ever does it best, can win a job. If you’re applying for a leadership role, sharing your experiences in how you’ve mentored a peer to help aid in their development that has developed you for leadership role can go a long way.

8. Send thank you emails
Lastly, send out thank you emails to all of the interviewers is a good practice. This shows that you appreciated their time and if you don’t get the job, they will remember how professional and courteous you were. This bodes well for the next opportunity that may present itself.


Running the 5 Mile Frosty

Today was a day that I will remember for a long time while running the 5 Mile Frosty. How many opportunities do you get to run a race in Ohio when the temperature is a balmy 50 degrees outside?
My wife and I were able to experience this with over 600 runners in beautiful Hudson, Ohio while having a great time & making it a perfect Christmas Eve-weather included! It was a great time in Hudson and a Christmas Eve to remember when the weather was perfect!

Frosty Stacy Rod

The Frosty 5 mile race, now an annual Hudson tradition is hosted by Western Reserve Racing & benefits both the Akron Canton Food Bank and the Friends of Hudson Parks-both great causes in my book! Some of the highlights were Santa as the MC, Ugly Christmas Sweater contest, health foods, music, volunteers on the race path, and a notification via email showing your results at the end of the race. What service!

Frosty 2

The race path consisted mostly residential roads with one detour on a walking trail. I was kept motivated and alive thanks to many volunteers and race supporters out early in the morning to rally the cause. I wasn’t able to catch Frosty, but I finished the race in 45 minutes which I was proud of!

Being only my 2nd official race this year, I am so inspired by this event and have taken on the New Years resolution to run more races in 2016.

Thank you to Hudson, Ohio and to Western Reserve Racing to hold such a wonderful event!

Attitude is Everything

We all have a choice every day with the attitude we bring. Either you are part of the solution or part of the problem. The choice is yours!

Have you ever been around someone who was smarter than you, but had a terrible attitude toward life? Were they working at the top or the bottom of the corporate latter? In most cases, they are working at the bottom. The reason being is their attitude is perceived to be poor or negative and these people are difficult to work with.

Why is this? I feel many people are effected by the experiences in their lives where they have been really challenged or defeated. They have either struggled in the area of relationships, business, finances, or another area of life that has brought them down. As a result of this, people carry this negativity toward many aspects of life and find it hard to get over it.

If this is you, you don’t have to feel this way any longer! If you are able to focus on the now and set goals for tomorrow, your attitude can change over time. Your dreams can become a reality if you stop looking in the rear view mirror. It is something you will have to work on, but it can be done and you can do it. There have been times in my life where I have struggled and was in a rut with a bad attitude. It’s no wonder I couldn’t land any good jobs and struggled with long term relationships which resulted in my slight depression. I kept running on this emotional treadmill and felt I could never get off!

Then, finally things changed! I put my foot down and told myself for things to change, I have to change. I was no longer going to drown myself in misery and feel bad about what has happened to me. My focus changed to learning and growing from these seemingly negative experiences. That day changed my life and things started to fall into place over time.

As the light at the end of the tunnel neared, my attitude started to change. Once this transition took place, things started falling into place for me. Not only did I find the perfect company, but I found the woman of my dreams as well!

I am now happily in a Supervisor role with a Fortune 500 company managing a group of individuals who may be better qualified when it comes to education. I have a beautiful wife with two wonderful daughters who I love very much. The point I’m trying to make is that you don’t need to have a degree or to live in paradise, but you must have a great attitude and be someone who enjoys life, change, and people. You will attract others by your attitude.

From my experience in life, in order to change your latitude you must change your attitude and that means everything to me!

The Positive Movement

Have you ever asked yourself why people are attracted to negative press? Everywhere I look, if it’s the media, reality tv, Facebook, or Twitter, people  are hearing how terrible the world is and are consuming themselves with negativity! What gives?

I have two beautiful daughters, Makayla and Savanna, who mean the world to me. When I come home from work, I take time to play with them and then we sit down to watch the television to spend quality family time together.

I’ve been finding difficulty explaining how great the world is to them lately while competing with the news and all of its negativity being aired daily. The news is being filled up with stories regarding terrorism, killings, vandalism, theft, school shootings, etc. Will it ever stop? I understand the need to report such events, but why not spend at least half the time reporting something positive for a change. No wonder why the suicide rate keeps climbing each year!

The time has come for a change of philosophy and a new beginning called the positive movement. I’ve created this blog site to start a movement that will some day change the world on how we report news. It will be filled with all positive thoughts, ideas, events, fundraisers, speakers, celebrities, musicians, etc. People will come to this site to be inspired by others that will motivate them to achieve greatness by giving or leading others to be better.

The end result will be all walks of life coming together to create a world that is a better place than the one we found.