The Positive Movement

Have you ever asked yourself why people are attracted to negative press? Everywhere I look, if it’s the media, reality tv, Facebook, or Twitter, people  are hearing how terrible the world is and are consuming themselves with negativity! What gives?

I have two beautiful daughters, Makayla and Savanna, who mean the world to me. When I come home from work, I take time to play with them and then we sit down to watch the television to spend quality family time together.

I’ve been finding difficulty explaining how great the world is to them lately while competing with the news and all of its negativity being aired daily. The news is being filled up with stories regarding terrorism, killings, vandalism, theft, school shootings, etc. Will it ever stop? I understand the need to report such events, but why not spend at least half the time reporting something positive for a change. No wonder why the suicide rate keeps climbing each year!

The time has come for a change of philosophy and a new beginning called the positive movement. I’ve created this blog site to start a movement that will some day change the world on how we report news. It will be filled with all positive thoughts, ideas, events, fundraisers, speakers, celebrities, musicians, etc. People will come to this site to be inspired by others that will motivate them to achieve greatness by giving or leading others to be better.

The end result will be all walks of life coming together to create a world that is a better place than the one we found.











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